Laser path bellows
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We offer laser cutting machine bellows made specifically for laser machine. Designed and manufactured, our laser machine bellows are made with heat resistant, flame retardant materials and are able to withstand high operating temperatures while providing years of service. In addition, tight fitting laser bellows keep unwanted particles out of the laser beam and protect machine rails, racks and bearings, to keep your laser machine running smoothly.

Laser path bellows

  • Maximum service life thanks to high-quality textile.
  • Perfect protection of the sensitive beam guidance against dust and dirt due to perfectly sealed original bellows
  • Additional protective function due to round shape plastic of the disk bellows
  • Complete laser power and maximum productivity thanks to reliable beam guidance
  • Screening of the laser beam in machines that use laser cutting technology
  • Machine attains maximum performance at full speed
  • Flame-retardant fabric prevents fire damage
  • Gas-tight bellows material prevents environmental pollution
  • Long service life
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  2. The parts advertised for sale are not Original parts , Any reference to Laser machines Brand, ID numbers etc.., are for convenience only.
  3. We supplies all bellows for the main laser machine brands and models